107 Great Chess Battles by Alexander Alekhine

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By Alexander Alekhine

One of the best gamers of all time, Alexander Alekhine (1892–1946) was once global chess champion for over sixteen years. not just a preferrred grasp of the advanced place, he was once additionally a great annotator. during this quantity he provides a lot info and perception approximately greater than a hundred video games performed among 1939 and 1945, in addition to delightfully candid perspectives on fellow masters and competitors for the realm title.
In half One, dedicated to open video games, Alekhine analyzes video games that includes such openings because the Ruy Lopez, 4 Knights online game, Philidor's protection, and the Scotch Gambit. half is dedicated to semi-open video games, that includes the French protection, Caro-Kann safety, Sicilian protection, Alekhine's protection, and King's Pawn, Nimzowitsch safeguard. partially 3 Alekhine discusses examples of closed video games, together with the Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox safety; Queen's Gambit Declined, Slav safeguard; Queens' Gambit authorized; Queen's Pawn, Nimzowitsch safeguard; the Queen's Pawn video game, English commencing, Catalan procedure; and more.
This booklet enables you to detect the stratagems and techniques all for a bunch of attention-grabbing struggles among the world's maximum chess gamers: Alekhine, Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres, Najdor, and diverse others. With attribute thoroughness, readability, and humor, Alekhine courses you thru the intricacies of every contest, illuminating complex positions and delivering a global champion's precise perception and commentary.
Whatever your point of chess services, you are going to take pleasure in and take advantage of learning those video games, provided and analyzed by means of one of many perfect strategists in chess history.

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A4 ! Page 4 7 Game 22 Philidor's Defence 30 White to move Re3 ! It is absolutely esse n t i a l to e l i m i n ate the advanced k i n g's pawn; i t would be p o i ntless for Black to try to defend it, for instance 30 . . f5 3 1 f3 Ra4 32 Kb3 Rd4 33 Kc3 etc. 30 Rf1 31 Rxe4 32 Ke1 Rxf2+ The k i ng is cut off only momentarily since White, before sacrificing the Position after 2 1 . . a4 h·pawn, will always be i n a position The second c r i s i s : W h i t e , dangerously to propose an exchange of rooks.

White to move d h 14 Nc5 ! dxc5 15 Rxd8+ Kxd8 16 Bxf7 After the hard struggle White has emerged with a n excellent pawn structure. O n this ci rcumstance is based the victorious denouement which offers o n l y the natural technical demands. 16 Rf8 1 7 Bh5 96 Be2 a6 18 Position after 8 9 . • . Nxe5 Nxe5! A sacrifice o f great strength and beauty. 9 10 Bxd1 Nf6+ Kf8 It is easy to see that if 1 0 . . gxf6? there follows 1 1 Bxf7+ Kf8 12 B h 6 mate. 1 9 B95 Ke8 20 Rd1 Nc6 21 c3 Ne5 22 Rd8+ Kf7 23 R d 5 W i n n i n g a t l e a s t a second pawn.

11 Bxf6 12 Qe2 Nxf6 Preparing to castle l o n g and threaten i n g not o n l y 13 g5 but also an eventual e5! Black has very l i t t l e choice. A characteristic retreat to prevent 12 Black from p l a y i n g 8 . . b5 (because 0-0-0 13 of the poss i b i l ity of the reply 9 d 5 ) . Page 4 6 c5? Abandoning the d5 square is decidedly too risky and w i l l have tragic consequences. Necessary, and fairly natural. would be 10 . . Ne5 w i t h a defensible game. 0 ·0 Game 22 Philidar's Defence Evidently he does not appreciate ful l y Black's ingenious fourteenth move.

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