A Mathematician Comes of Age by Steven G. Krantz

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By Steven G. Krantz

This booklet is ready the concept that of mathematical adulthood. Mathematical adulthood is important to a arithmetic schooling. The target of a arithmetic schooling is to remodel the scholar from anyone who treats mathematical rules empirically and intuitively to somebody who treats mathematical rules analytically and will keep watch over and control them effectively.

Put extra at once, a mathematically mature individual is person who can learn, examine, and assessment proofs. And, most importantly, he/she is one that can create proofs. For this can be what glossy arithmetic is all approximately: bobbing up with new principles and validating them with proofs.

The ebook presents historical past, information, and research for figuring out the idea that of mathematical adulthood. It turns the belief of mathematical adulthood from a subject matter for coffee-room dialog to an issue for research and critical consideration.

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But this is not what fate holds in store for most of us. We all dream of proving big theorems—indeed we all have a secret collection of them that we think about in our private moments. But then we have a more public collection of accessible theorems that are the ones that we actually talk about with our colleagues. These are the problems and theorems that we have a chance of making a dent in during the course of this lifetime, the ones that we write papers about and write grant proposals about and teach our students about.

What activities in the math department are dedicated to the development of mathematical maturity and which are not? How can computers play a role in developing mathematical maturity? Are real analysis and abstract algebra and topology and geometry the beall and end-all of mathematical maturity? Are there other aspects of the mathematical pie that can play a productive role here? What parts of the basic calculus course can contribute to mathematical maturity? What about linear algebra? Differential equations?

By the same token, counterexamples can play a pivotal role in the development of a field. For they show where our thinking has been misguided, and cause us to re-evaluate our plan of attack. As an instance, the Weierstrass nowhere differentiable function caused some wholesale re-thinking of the basic principles of real analysis. The Peano space-filling curve was (and still is) a real eye-opener, and gave a genuine boost to the development of topology and geometric analysis. The proof that there is no elementary formula for the solution of fifth-degree polynomials put a halt to hundreds of years of mathematical research, and changed the direction of the subject.

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