A New Approach to Teaching and Learning Anatomy. Objectives by Michael J. Blunt

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By Michael J. Blunt

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8) Lists tiie structures enveloped by tiie parotid gland. 9) States the principles involved in the innervation of the salivary glands and the main nerve trunks involved. 10) Identifies the crowns of permanent teeth and deduces their functions. 11) Illustrates the main features of generalized tooth structure, pulp, dentine, enamel, cement and periodontal membrane. 12) States the approximate times of eruption of the deciduous teeth. 13) Carries out a visual examination of oral cavity and oral pharynx.

12). 7) With colleagues deduces the principal actions of the muscles named and deduces the motor functional deficits attributable to facial nerve lesions. 7). (20 min) Media Articulated skuUs (students' property)*, x-rays of skull (anterior and lateral), dissections of brain, models of brain, prosections of head and neck. General Objective 2 Comprehends and applies to function the main arrangements of musculo-skeletal structures and nerves in the neck. 1) Identifies the main features of the atlas and axis and of a typical cervical vertebra.

In the case of Umb vessels it will be found that the objectives emphasize an understanding of distribution patterns but not of the detailed anatomy of the small branches of arterial trunks. Where the study of such branches is undertaken it may be safely concluded that facts which do not lead to deeper understanding of vascular distri­ bution and the significance of anastomotic connections are not very profitably acquired. The situation may perhaps best be summed up in the statement that the objectives are intended to signpost areas of study most useful for the student and most likely to result in performance outcomes which are personally rewarding and useful and which will consequently be reflected in the formulation of tests and examinations.

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