A New Leash on Death by Susan Conant

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By Susan Conant

Holly Winter's existence goes to the canine, yet that is simply high quality along with her. She's a feisty, 30-something dog-lover, and her services within the breeding, education, and taking good care of dogs is only one of her inbred abilities. She's additionally a grand champion at monitoring down criminals of the two-legged style. while a puppy proprietor is murdered at a coaching consultation, Holly enlists the victim's giant Malamute to discover the killer.

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Ray and I checked everyone in, and Vince started his second class of the night. Hussan, his Rottweiler, was still on what’s called a long down: Hussan hadn’t moved since seven, and he’d be in exactly the same place until Vince released him. It takes a lot of patience to train a dog that well, and it takes an imperturbable personality to come in at seven, teach for three hours, and leave a1 ten looking as relaxed as if he’d been training for ten minutes. When the club fired Margaret Robichaud and replaced her with Vince, Margaret blamed Dr.

Like Bill Rogers in the old days,” Kevin suggested. “Sort of, but everyone likes him. ” “Right. That’s just what Margaret isn’t. She wins, nobody likes her. She loses, nobody likes her. But she doesn’t lose a lot, and when the club hired her, she’d been winning big. In obedience. But she’d also been showing in breed, and she’d been doing pretty well there, too. ” “Conformation — to see how the dog matches up to the standard for the breed. ” He kept running an oversize index finger down Rowdy’s throat.

People thought he should have some say in picking his successor. So Dr. ” “And he decided to murder her. ” “Listen. I’m getting to it. Look, Henry was a great trainer. He still is. And Dr. ” Kevin smirked. “He was,” I said. “Don’t laugh. But they were both, I don’t know, maybe a little less competitive than they used to be. They softened up a bit. But Margaret wasn’t beyond it at all. She was like Miss Two Hundred. ” Two hundred is a perfect score in obedience. She was showing all the time, and she actually did have a couple of200s, which is, how can I explain it?

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