A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises by Jack Kornfield

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By Jack Kornfield

Cherished Western Buddhist grasp Kornfield makes identified his own, useful knowledge, garnered from 25 years of training and educating the trail of awakening, as he publications self-searchers to a simplicity of conception that brings alive religious perform, peace, and fact of their day-by-day lives.

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5-6):... , "The term sanyahoh in P. " (K. p. 52). This rule prescribes reduplication of that which ends in san. However, this reduplication is subject to some conditions, one of which is important for us at present. It is laid down in P. 1. , only mrj. A result of this is that san, though part of that which undergoes the reduplication, is itself not reduplicated. And such being the case, the restriction embodied in Par. X - according to which "that which undergoes an operation can, so far as it undergoes that operation, not be made the cause of the application of a grammatical rule" (K.

Such a study will now be undertaken. From the example asusruvat, which Nagesa uses to introduce his second interpretation of the BP, it becomes clear that here also, in the realm of BP2, the word anga can denote a formal cause, exhibited in a rule in a locative case. For at the stage a-su-sru-a-t both the causes of the competing operations (see p. 9 above) are so exhibited. The cause a is indicated by aci in P. 77; the cause t by sarvadhatukardhadhatukayoh, which is drawn into P. 86 from rule 84.

P. 31 prescribes substitution of Samprasarana for v in svi. It is argued that if P. 115 would take effect first, the form asusavat would not result. 78) etc. The outcome would not be the desired form asusavat. It must be concluded that at the stage svi-(n)i(c)-(c)a(n)-t it is not P. 115 but P. 31 that is to take effect first. However, the cause of the application of P. 115 is nic, and of P. 31 nic and can together. Clearly nic lies within the combination nic + san. P. 115 must, therefore, be considered antarahga with respect to P.

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