A Perichoretic Model of the Church.The Trinitarian by Danut Manastireanu

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By Danut Manastireanu

This research seeks to enquire the trinitarian consistency of Dumitru Staniloae’s basic ecclesiology, by way of use of a ‘perichoretic version of the church’, rooted within the patristic thought of trinitarian perichoresis, which describes the reciprocal interpenetration of the divine folks, in line with their universal divine ousia. Staniloae makes his japanese patristic realizing of the Trinity the basis of his complete theological
construction, together with his ecclesiology. For him, the Church, as a theoanthropic truth, is named to be an icon of the Trinity, a real mirrored image in area and time of the perichoretic relatives present endlessly among the divine folks of the triune God. This demands an ecclesiology that's rooted both in Christology and in pneumatology, any imbalance during this dynamic best, in Staniloae’s opinion, both to over the top institutionalism and authoritarianism or to exaggerated individualism and subjectivism. The trinitarian inconsistencies published via the research version now we have used come up extra from the attribute clericalist and sacramentalist developments inherent to Orthodoxy commonly, than from the actual nature of Staniloae’s theology.

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