A Source Book of Advaita Vedanta by Eliot Deutsch, J. A. B. van Buitenen

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By Eliot Deutsch, J. A. B. van Buitenen

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The second phase is the explication of what now is literally known. In those forms of education where a system is instructed, be it Grammar, or Logic, or Vedanta, generations of teachers have combined to draw from the wealth of material basic statements which, after the formation period of the scholarly discipline is over, will be consolidated by a master into a complete repertory of statements which exhaust the system. These basic statements, collected in a number of lessons, are as concise as possible to facilitate their being remembered.

It has two foci, social behavior and the worship of Gods. It is Brahministic insofar as Brahmins have come to be regarded as the guides to this social conduct and as the priests of this worship. The cardinal texts are written in Sanskrit, which is one of their more important features. c. D. is a complicated one. The language is closely related to the more ancient and arcane language of the Vedas and even more so to that of the expository portions of Brahmai:ia and Upani~ad. There developed a popular Sanskrit, the language of the younger epic and of the Pural)as.

The vai§vanara-vidya of Ch. Up. 5. 11 ff. is a vidya as a whole. XXXIII (58). Vidyiis about one object but diflerently qualified are different vidyiis. XXXIV ( 59). Vidyiis having the same reward are optional. XXXV (60). Vidyiis providing for special desires may be accumulated or treated as optional. XXXVI ( 61-66). This applies also to meditations such as the udgitha one and others. :3. 4. 1-52 I (1-17). Knowledge of Brahman does not subserve rite; it is independent. II ( 18-20). This is shown by the praurfijikas ("hermits") for whom knowledge is prescribed, not ritual.

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