A Theory of Differentiation in Locally Convex Spaces / by S. Yamamuro

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By S. Yamamuro

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Most of the general features of the different regressions have been discussed. It is interesting to consider here the relative positions of some species as resulting 34 JORGE E. 1 ::l C. 0 C. 0 0 a: 10-4 10 3 10 2 10 104 Generation Time (T)(Days) Fig. 3-13. Probability of extinction of a single subpopulation and the relationship with its generation time. 8 c:o c: ''-::; 0 u·C:1O ';:; "S Xc. Wo .... c. oU) a: . II> '0 15 10-4+-______. ____-,____~ 10- 5 r Fig. 3-14. Relationship between the probability of extinction of a single subpopulation and the intrinsic rate of natural increase.

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