A Topological Chern-Weil Theory by Anthony V. Phillips

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By Anthony V. Phillips

This paintings develops a topological analogue of the classical Chern-Weil conception as a mode for computing the attribute sessions of crucial bundles whose structural staff isn't really inevitably a Lie staff, yet just a cohomologically finite topological staff. Substitutes for the instruments of differential geometry, reminiscent of the relationship and curvature types, are taken from algebraic topology, utilizing paintings of Adams, Brown, Eilenberg-Moore, Milgram, Milnor, and Stasheff. the result's a synthesis of the algebraic-topological and differential-geometric ways to attribute classes.In distinction to the 1st technique, particular cocycles are used, so that it will spotlight the impact of neighborhood geometry on worldwide topology. unlike the second one, calculations are conducted on the small scale instead of the infinitesimal; in truth, this paintings can be considered as a scientific extension of the statement that curvature is the infinitesimal kind of the disorder in parallel translation round a rectangle. This booklet will be used as a textual content for a complicated graduate direction in algebraic topology.

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Set Y^ = 7r*Y;, a G invariant (nt- + l)-cocycle on £*. Then % can also be considered as a cocycle on Tg*. 27 There is a natural isomorphism of algebras 7g*«iT(£G;R) induced by the correspondence Y{ <->• j/ t -. The proof is immediate. m. representatives of i f * ( G ; R ) can be derived naturally from the geometry of G. Our previous work [30, 31] on the cases of SU{2) and U(p) respectively, does not shed light on this problem; but in [32] we make a little progress towards understanding the situation in case G = SU(2), which it may be of interest to describe.

May's classification theorems, as is usual in algebraic topology, establish isomorphisms between equivalence classes of fibrations over X of a certain type and homotopy classes of maps of X into the corresponding classifying space. The emphasis in the present work is placed on the extra geometric data needed to specify a particular map of X into a classifying space. It would be interesting to see the extent to which our approach can be extended to May's context. 1 Let A and V be given, where A is a locally ordered simplicial complex and V is a G-valued parallel transport function over A.

Hence u> At — S*p2 • Proof of 3): tAu(K) = ^K(K'J<")StS^nK[t(K')MK")}. On K0j this is 0. On if1? the term with K' = F n "(A'i),if" = J9n"(^i) is non-trivial; sotAu>(K1) = -(-K1) = K1 . On if2, the term with K' = Fn>K2,K" = BYI>K2 is non-trivial; so < A a ; ( / { 2 ) = /{2. 24 Let A ^ A ^, A'3 be faces of if. Then Span x [Span K [ifi, K2), K3] = Span K [ifi, [SpanK[if2, K3]]. Proof. Set 612/f12 = Span K [ifi,A r 2 ], ci;23^i;23 = Span A 4#i JSpan A ^/f 2 , #3]], etc. SO We mUSt p r o v e €i ; 23#l;23 = €l2;3-Kl2;3NOW Ci;23C23^1;23 = S p a n ^ f i f i , A'23]; SO V C i f i ; 2 3 = ^ ^ i f l ® # 2 3 + • • •.

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