Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy by S H Lin

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By S H Lin

This quantity makes a speciality of the hot fast progress in either experimental and theoretical reports of multiphoton approaches and multiphoton spectroscopy of atoms, ions and molecules in chemistry, physics, biology, fabric sciences, and so forth. It comprises papers readable by means of lively researchers and by way of those that intend to go into it. concept and test are both emphasised, and every assessment article is written in a self-contained demeanour through specialists within the box in order that readers examine the topic with no a lot guidance.

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68c) We consider a two-photon transition induced by different two photon fields E-, and E2- In this case, after averaging over the photon field variables in Eqs. 69b) 28 W (2C) (t) = I I (/ dti)RR mm' 0 x M am'(1)Mm'f(2>Mfm(2)Mma(1><> x <><> . 69c) A diagramatic representation of the time evolution of the ket and bra vectors in two-photon transitions is shown in Figs. 2. 2c correspond to the time evolution in Eqs. 69c, respectively.

Effects of the dephasings in three-photon absorptions In this subsection, effects of the dephasings, especially pure electronic dephasing on the resonant three-photon absorption are described, and it is shown that sequential three-photon transitions can be induced by the pure electronic dephasing. The three-photon transition probability can be expressed in terms of ten different time-evolution diagrams. G, mf kf f + 0^(0, +G , ,)(G, ,+G , ,)G , G n , mf ka ak km mk mm kk mf { G ka G mk' G ma + G ak' G am' G km' ) G mm• + G + G +G mfGak'GkfGam'Gkm'] mf G kf G km' { G ka + G ak' ) G kk• • (3 '27) where k and k', and m and m' specify the vibronic levels in the same electronic states, respectively.

39) 2 A -1 where C = ( 2 T T R e-c ) . -T+x')/h]|v>. respectively, H and H. 41) represent a D the vibrational Hamiltonians of the electronic states,a and b, respectively. For simplicity, we restrict ourselves to a model Hamiltonian for a displaced harmonic oscillator with frequency to,dimensionless displacement A,and electronic energy gap e . 43) and X(T) = -=4 {1 - exp(-iuT)} . 45) where G(T,T',£;t) is the generating function for the timeresolved RRS, and is defined as G(T,T',5;t) = Ipv(t)Gv(x,T,,5) v .

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