An Introduction to the Basics of Reliability and Risk by Enrico Zio

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By Enrico Zio

The need of workmanship for tackling the complex and multidisciplinary questions of safety and danger has slowly permeated into all engineering purposes in order that probability research and administration has won a suitable position, either as a device in aid of plant layout and as an vital skill for emergency making plans in unintended events. This involves the purchase of acceptable reliability modeling and threat research instruments to enrich the elemental and particular engineering wisdom for the technological region of program. aimed toward supplying an natural view of the topic, this ebook offers an creation to the primary thoughts and concerns regarding the protection of recent commercial actions. It additionally illustrates the classical ideas for reliability research and chance evaluation utilized in present perform.

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3 Sketches of Events (i)D=A fl C 30" 900 e Fig. 6: Shaded area represents Event D = A n C 26 4 Basic of Probability Theory for Applications to Reliability and Risk Analysis (ii) E = A uB I I I I r 90" 0 Fig. 7: Shaded area represents Event E = A u B (iii) F=A n B nC v 4 I I : ! 30 I I I I I I I I I I I I 20 I I : Fig. 4 Mutually Exclusive D and E are not mutually exclusive. (Because D nE f 0, in fact D n E = D, ). A and C are not mutually exclusive. ( B e c a u s e A n C g AnC=D). 3 27 Logic of uncertainty: definition of probability As previously explained, for a statement to be an event, it can only have two possible states, either true or false, and at a certain point in time the exact state will become known as a result of the actual perfonning of the associated experiment.

G. g. g. the value of the dollar currency in the year 3012). e. In particular, each possible outcome represents an (elementary) event itself, being a subset of R . Further, the null set 0 and the sample space R can also be considered events. - To each event E is possible to associate its complementary event E , constituted by all possible outcomes in R which do not belong to E. We say that event E occurs when the outcome of the experiment E is one of the elements of E . 2 4 Basic of Probability Theory for Applications to Reliability and Risk Analysis Boolean logic operations In the logic of certainty (Boolean logic), an event can either occur or not occur.

3. For each process deviation, qualitatively identify its possible causes and consequences. For the consequences, include effects also on other units: this allows HAZOP to account also for domino effects among different units. On the market, there are software tools available to guide an HAZOP analysis. J. , Probabilistic risk assessment, NY, IEEE Press, 1992. 1 Definitions In probabilistic terminology an experiment E is defined as a process whose outcome is a priori unknown to the analyst. The possible outcomes are all a priori known and classified but which one will occur is unknown at the time the experiment is performed.

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