Anaerobic infections in humans by Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

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By Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

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Just as the child was delivered there was an escape of gas from the uterine cavity accompanied by an explosive sound. The gas possessed a most sickening foetid odour, which was so intense that Dr. Williams was obliged to leave the patient and seek the outside air. T w o years after the discovery of B. aerogenes capsulatus, Welch and F l e x n e r (1896) r e p o r t e d their observations on the association of the organism with a variety of clinical s y n d r o m e s including gas gangrene and fecal peritonitis; appropriately enough this important publication app e a r e d as the first p a p e r in the first n u m b e r of the n e w Journal of Experimental Medicine.

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