Anatoly Karpov on the Net by I M Irina Krush

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By I M Irina Krush

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Nge4 f5 After this Black gives up any hope of undermining the White spearhead pawn on e5. N8d7 would seem to be the logical follow through to the preparation of the f7-f6 break. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron2... Ng5, and with the follow up plans of Ng5-e6 and f2-f4, or h2-h4-h5, it is clear that Black will soon be under tremendous pressure. Ng5 both Ng5-h3-f4 followed by Rh1-g1, or f2-f4 followed by d4-d5 both offer White a large advantage. h4 With a firm grip on the center and all of his pieces developed, Karpov prepares to blow open the h-file.

Com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/August%201997/kar... 7/8/2004 SmartMoves Page 1 of 4 GM Ron Henley's SmartMoves by Ron Henley On his way to winning the recent Groningen grandmaster tournament in Holland, FIDE World Champion Anatoly Karpov produced the following instructive endgame lesson. Karpov, Anatoly - Hansen, Curt Groningen, 1995 In the diagrammed position, White has clearly achieved a very favorable Q+B vs Q+B endgame. Note how 5 of the 7 Black pawns are on the same color as his bishop.

Nd5! Forcing the exchange of bishops on e7 and securing me control of the d5-square. d5 c4, with an edge for Black. b4 A very ambitious approach which weakens the c3-square. Nd4. Rxc3 Ne4 Black has secured control of the classic b7-g2 QID diagonal and in particular the e4-square. Rcd3?! The optimism of youth, as doubling on the open d-file seems aggressive, but is really a blind alley. In addition, the rook on d3 interferes with the bishop on e2 attacking the Black a6-b5 pawn duo. Qb3 with the plan of a3-a4 to liquidate the queenside pawns.

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