Anatomy of the Horse (Vet (Schlutersche)) by Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

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By Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

A revised variation of a really winning booklet. the recent version comprises new chapters at the eye, stomach, lady copy, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is beautifully illustrated all through with color drawings, pictures, and radiographs delivering the reader with specific details at the constitution, functionality, and medical program of all equine physique structures and their interplay within the reside animal. Already said by means of scholars and academics as a necessary source for studying and revision, this 5th version might be a beneficial reference for veterinary practitioners and if you personal and paintings with horses.

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Functionalanatomically it should be noted that the lateral and medial digital arteries are multiply connected with each other by their branches (coronal artery [a. coronalis —7], dorsal branch of the distal phalanx [r. dorsalis phalangis distalis —9], terminal arch [arcus terminalis —13]), by which the blood supply is assured in variable loading of the hoof. In the same manner the lateral and medial veins are connected with each other, especially with their venous plexuses (plexus ungularis —11) that lie axial and abaxial to the ungular cartilage (cartilago ungulae —4).

Though the septum separates 94 94 Stylohyoid angle 93 91 92 90' 90 3 4 Cranium External lamina (a) o Diploe (b) Internal lamina (c) o Osseous tentorium cerebelli (d) o Temporal meatus (e) o Canal for transverse sinus (f) o Groove for transverse sinus (g) (not shown) Retroarticular foramen (h) Dorsal apertures (h') Temporal fossa (j) External frontal crest (k) External sagittal crest (l) 67 Nuchal crest (m) o Temporal crest (m') Carotid notch (p') o 68 Jugular foramen (q) o Petrooccipital fissure (q') o η θ (Paramedian section o) γ ζ δ 66 XII.

It comprises a toe in front, quarters on the sides, and medial and lateral heels (30) at the back, where the wall reflects on itself to form medial and lateral bars (24, 25) that flank the frog from which they are separated by paracuneal groves (29). The sole (22, 23) fills the space between the wall and frog; its parts between quarters and bars are its angles. The triangular frog (27, 28) projects into the sole from behind and closes the gap between the heels. Its two curar at the back of the hoof, thicken, spread upwards, an overhang the heels as the bulbs of the heels (26).

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