And So to Murder by Carter Dickson

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By Carter Dickson

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Mr. Fisk walked out on the set. His visit was rather longer on this occasion. "Spies at Sea. Scene number thirty-six. " The sinister stewardess appeared again. " Monica could not control herself. " she whispered. " hissed Cartwright. " This question was answered by the sinister stewardess herself. The agitation of the sinister stewardess had been steadily growing throughout. When, asked "for the sixth time whether she had delivered the message to Mr. De Lacy, she lost her nerve, said, "No," and burst into tears.

Do you know, Mr. Cartwright, I always rather imagined you would prefer to be a hypocrite? " Cartwright moved back a step. His (red) beard looked dazed. A thoughtless observer, not seeing through his real vileness as Monica saw through it, might have thought he was honestly contrite. He drew himself up to his full height, and tried again. "Madam," he said, his voice regaining its earlier richness and suavity, "madam, in case the fact has escaped your notice, I have been attempting to apologize.

People stalked; typewriters ticked; there was a heavy smell of paint. A page-boy emerged from the canteen, eating a chocolate bar. Cartwright went down a long open passage—a sort of glass-enclosed Bridge of Sighs—running through bright gardens to the sound stages at the far end. The corridor beyond was immense. It was of concrete, rapping with echoes, and reminded Monica of an airport. From it, sound-proof doors opened into the stages. The red light was burning over the door of number three, to show that you must not open the door during sound-recording.

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