Andre Norton by John Bankston

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By John Bankston

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At other times, it might well have been, but in 1930, even the safest career plans were no longer reliable. 29 World War I brought the United States into major action on the world scene for the first time. Officially neutral until April 1917, America supplied food and munitions to Britain and France. S. troops were decisive in smashing the Germans’ last big offensive on the Western front. 3 Norton Luck During the four long years it was fought, it was known as the Great War. Great because of its awesome destructiveness.

This was a risk, in some ways harder than when she was a first-time novelist. Unknown authors start with a blank slate; published ones have a history. Once again, Norton’s timing was perfect. There are numerous famous examples of spies and spying throughout literature and history. In Book X of Homer’s The Iliad, after spying on the Trojans, Odysseus and Diomedes capture a Trojan spy whom they later kill. ”7 In the 53 54 Andre Norton Bible, high priests hoping to arrest Jesus bribed Judas Iscariot with 30 pieces of silver to provide information on the prophet’s movements.

The next year, United States endured “the shocking disaster of the Pearl Harbor attack in December of 1941, about which we had no intelligence warning,” according to former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Inspector General Frederick P. Hitz. After the war, “it was hotly debated as to whether this was a failure of collection or analysis, but in the end an otherwise skeptical President Truman was convinced that the United States needed a civilian spy service, and the CIA was created. ”8 Superior spy craft was clearly one of the reasons for the victory of Allied forces in 1945.

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