Applied Anatomy of the Pelvis by Werner Lierse (auth.)

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By Werner Lierse (auth.)

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The neonatal sacrum is still nearly flat, as the 3rd sacral vertebra angulation is only slight and there is scarcely any transverse curvature. The two upper sacral vertebrae face anteriorly, whereas in the adult they face inferiorly. There are two periods in the shaping of the mature pelvis. The first lasts until the fourth or fifth year or sometimes earlier. It is typified by the small lumbar and sacral curvatures and the limited development of a true sacral promontory. Instead of one true promontory (upper border of first sacral vertebra) there are two minor promontories (double promontory).

As the venous plexus is now all the fuller anteriorly and laterally, the needle must only penetrate a few millimeters further after piercing the ligamentum flavum and its path must be kept strictly to the midline. 7. 8. 4. 3. 3) Growth and Abnormalities 25 XIV. Growth of the Pelvis; Abnormalities XV. Varieties of Pelvic Architecture The growth of the pelvis does not end until long after the onset of sexual maturity. It is only by 24 to 26 years of age that factors moulding pelvic form cease to be effective.

Coxalgic Pelvis The hip bone is abnormally steeply inclined. The Michaelis rhomboid is asymmetric and the symphysis pubis and sacrum are displaced laterally. 7. Scoliotic Pelvis Scoliosis or increased lordosis of the lumbar spine is accompanied by tilting of the sacrum in the opposite direction. The sacrum is more oblique and the hip bones are more steeply inclined. 2 Asymmetrically Contracted Pelvis In an asymmetrically contracted pelvis the true conjugate diameter is either the only one shortened or else the main one to be shortened.

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