Artificial Black Holes by Grigori Volovik

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By Grigori Volovik

Physicists are thinking about at the threat of simulating black holes within the laboratory via quite a few ''analog models''. those analog versions, ordinarily in accordance with condensed topic physics, can be utilized to assist us comprehend basic relativity (Einstein’s gravity); conversely, summary concepts constructed usually relativity can occasionally be used to aid us comprehend definite features of condensed topic physics. This ebook comprises thirteen chapters — written through specialists generally relativity, particle physics, and condensed subject physics — that discover quite a few elements of this two-way site visitors.

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In general relativity the escaping particle steals some of the mass-energy of the central black hole an so reduces its mass. In an acoustic black hole the escaping particle will steal some kinetic energy from the fluid flow — there is no need for the acoustic black hole itself to loose mass. It is important to realise that while thousands of scientific articles have been written about Hawking radiation (and the related though not identical topic of black hole entropy), there has never been a direct experimental verification that the effect exists.

Under conditions that we will discuss, the supersonic region in a ring may be bounded by two horizons: a black hole horizon through which phonons cannot exit, and a 'white hole' horizon through which they cannot enter. 5). 3 Black/white holes in a ring In a sufficiently tight ring-shaped external potential of radius R, motion in radial (r) and axial (z) cylindrical coordinates is effectively frozen. 1: Ring-like configuration for an acoustic black hole: The tight ringshaped configuration, with both black and white horizons, and no singularity T -— (U/mR2)i.

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