Ascites and Renal Dysfunction in Liver Disease: by Pere Gines

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By Pere Gines

There was little or no written at the interplay of the liver and kidney. This booklet addresses the expanding prevalence and value of ailments, corresponding to ascites, renal disorder, cirrhosis and high blood pressure the place either organs are concerned. This textbook is vital, even for proven practitioners and includes present information about remedy and treatment for sufferers with cirrhosis and ascites, sincerely and successfully offered by way of the head overseas specialists inside this box. the second one variation is totally revised and up to date and locations better emphasis on treatment.

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This interaction is further complicated by the fact that certain types of cyclooxygenasederived prostaglandins stimulate renin as does NO (48), generating a rather consistent pattern in which certain hormones antagonize AII at effector cells, yet stimulate the generation of the AII via effects on the enzyme, renin. Acute inhibition of NO synthase (49) and of cyclooxygenase (50) magnifies the effects of AII. However, chronic inhibition of these systems exerts more complex effects 20 Chapter 2 because of their capacity to decrease renin activity, and therefore AII generation (51).

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