Atlas of Animal Anatomy and Histology by Péter Lőw, Kinga Molnár, György Kriska

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By Péter Lőw, Kinga Molnár, György Kriska

This atlas offers the elemental techniques and rules of practical animal anatomy and histology thereby furthering our knowing of evolutionary options and edition to the surroundings. It offers a step by step dissection advisor with a variety of color images of the animals featured. It additionally provides photographs of the most important organs besides histological sections of these organs. a variety of interactive tutorials offers readers the chance to judge their knowing of the fundamental anatomy and histology of the organs of the animals awarded.

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It is convenient to trace the system backwards beginning at the gonopore, but keep in mind that female gametes travel in the opposite direction (Figs. 8). Intestine Anus Uterus Rectum Genital aperture Lateral line with excretory canal Uterus Coils of oviduct Coils of ovary Fig. 7 Dorsal dissection of a female Ascaris. The reproductive system has been moved to the side and untangled for clarity 20 3 Intestine Lateral lines with excretory canal Genital aperture Vagina Fig. 8 Details of the reproductive system of female Ascaris Paired uteri Dissection of a Roundworm (Ascaris suum) Body wall musculature Coils of oviduct 3 Dissection of a Roundworm (Ascaris suum) 21 The ovaries are solid, not tubular, and form a mass of small-diameter threads in the middle of the worm.

Testis has two compartments: proximal one is the germinative zone and distal one is the growth zone. Unlike the ovary, testis does not have rachis. The germinative zone is filled with small, spherical primordial germ cells and has no lumen. Mitotic divisions of the germ cells Dissection of a Roundworm (Ascaris suum) produce spermatogonia which move downstream to undergo spermatogenesis in the growth zone. Several sections through the testis may be present. The next region of the male tube is the ductus deferens.

Distinguishing dorsal from ventral is difficult, but the best landmark is the gut, which is usually (but not always) in the dorsal half of the pseudocoel. The outermost layer of the body wall is the thick cuticle. It is a nonliving extracellular secretion. Below the cuticle is the thinner syncytial hypodermis (epidermis) which secretes the cuticle (Fig. 6, top and left bottom). ) Together the hypodermis and cuticle make up the integument. The hypodermis has four groove-like evaginations called as hypodermal cords.

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