Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Galaxy Books) by Stephen Rogers Peck

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By Stephen Rogers Peck

Отличная книга по человеческой анатомии, ставшая уже классикой в своем жанре. Охватывает как темы, посвященные скелету и мышцам, так и более экзотические - жир, вены, волосы, возраст, пол, расса и т.д. Текст простой для чтения и не перегружен техническими деталями. Множество отличных анатомических иллюстраций, а также схематических зарисовок. Stephen Rogers Pecks Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist continues to be unsurpassed as a handbook for college students. It comprises sections on bones, muscle tissue, floor anatomy, share, equilibrium, and locomotion. different certain good points are sections at the sorts of human body, anatomy from delivery to previous age, an orientation on racial anatomy, and an research of facial expressions. The wealth of knowledge provided by means of the Atlas guarantees its position as a vintage for the learn of the human shape.

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Basic functional movement Helps produce a smiling expression. ZYGOMATICUS (MAJOR AND MINOR) Greek, zygon, yoke, union; Latin, major, large; minor, small. Origin Zygomaticus major: Upper lateral surface of zygomatic bone. Zygomaticus minor: Lower surface of zygomatic bone. Insertion Zygomaticus major: Skin at corner of mouth. Orbicularis oris. Zygomaticus minor: Lateral part of upper lip lateral to levator labii superioris. Action Zygomaticus major: Pulls corner of mouth up and back, as in smiling.

Rhomboideus major runs parallel to, and is often continuous with, rhomboideus minor. Origin Spinous processes of the seventh cervical and upper five thoracic vertebrae, (C7–T1). Insertion Medial (vertebral) border of scapula. Action Retracts (adducts) scapula. Stabilizes scapula. e. from arm overhead to arm at shoulder level). Nerve Dorsal scapular nerve, C4, 5. Basic functional movement Pulling something towards you, such as opening a drawer. Sports that heavily utilise these muscles Examples: Archery.

Action Forms floor of thoracic cavity. Pulls its central tendon downward during inhalation, thereby increasing volume of thoracic cavity. Nerve Phrenic nerve (ventral rami), C3, 4, 5. Basic functional movement Produces about 60% of your breathing capacity. Sports that heavily utilise this muscle All physically demanding sports. CREMASTER Anterior view. Greek, kremasthai, to suspend. In males, the cremaster is usually well-developed. In females, it is underdeveloped or absent. It forms a thin network of muscle fibres around the spermatic cord and testes (or around the distal portion of the round ligament of the uterus).

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