Atlas of Ileoscopy: A Collection of Clinical Cases by Antonello Trecca

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By Antonello Trecca

This atlas offers top quality photos of medical instances of small bowel ailments, with a spotlight at the significance of terminal ileoscopy because the first step in detecting this crew of infrequent pathologies. one of the stipulations coated are celiac sickness, inflammatory bowel sickness, neoplasms, infections, and pediatric ailment. The multidisciplinary method of the presentation of scientific instances, with contributions from histology, radiology, pill endoscopy, enteroscopy, and surgical procedure, guarantees that the atlas will offer a correct studying direction for newcomers and likewise an efficient replace for specialists.​

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But the patient's non-responsiveness to steroid therapy and to a gluten-free diet should alert the physician to the likely evolution of the disease to intestinal lymphoma. This case shows that different diseases may have a common endoscopic picture and that T cell lymphoma can be synchronous with the onset of CD [4]. Sometimes the obvious diagnosis is not the correct one! References 1. 2. 3. 4. Holmes GK, Prior P et al (1989) Malignancy in coeliac disease: effect of a gluten free diet. Gut 30:333338 Corrao G, Corazza GR, Bagnardi V et al (2001) Club del Tenue study Group.

The more superficial of the liver metastases was also biopsied. Analysis of the specimen defined a tumor stage of T2N1M1 according to the AJCC classification, with a proliferation index of 5% (Fig. 24). After an uneventful postoperative course, the patient was discharged. m. once a month. The diarrhea disappeared and the patient was in good general condition without any symptoms. No side effects were reported. A. 5, © Springer-Verlag Italia 2013 51 A. Trecca et al. 52 a b Fig. 22 Ileoscopic view of the submucosal mass involving the majority of the intestinal lumen Fig.

25 CT scan after chemoembolization and thermoablation Due to an increased size of three metastases, chemoembolization and thermoablation of the lesions were carried out after 4 months of the above-mentioned medical treatment. Liver CT scan was repeated and showed no further increase in the size of the metastases (Fig. 25). Fifteen months after the diagnosis, the patient was symptom free, in good general condition and with normal bowel function. Open Issues This case confirms once more the importance of exploring the terminal ileum in patients with chronic diarrhea and particularly when colonoscopy does not detect any lesion.

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