Audio Postproduction for Film and Video (Sublinhado) by Jay Rose

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By Jay Rose

New to this edition:
* learn the way many Hollywood techniques--previously impractical on video--can aid remedy difficulties on smaller productions
* elevated cookbook recipes section
* Technically up-to-date throughout
Make your soundtracks pretty much as good as your photos with this compendium audio concepts that may be tailored to computing device submit. focusing on sound after the shoot, this publication beneficial properties many functional examples, cookbook recipes, and tutorials. Audio thought, whilst worthy, is gifted in simple English with lots of visible analogies.
FAQs, complete factors, and from-the-trenches counsel tackle the whole variety of procedures from wiring and to trying out the ultimate combine. The one-hour audio CD positive aspects platform-independent diagnostics, demonstrations, and educational tracks. beginners will tips on how to increase their soundtrack--even after the actors have long past domestic. skilled manufacturers will how you can clear up technical and artistic difficulties quickly.
You'll get recipes and step by step directions on how to:
* construct a good and trustworthy audio publish setup
* plan and price range an outstanding soundtrack
* get sound into your NLE with out wasting caliber or sync
* edit voices and music
* checklist Foley and ADR
* locate song and use it effectively
* locate and create your individual sound effects
* form sounds with equalization, reverb, noise aid, and more
* produce the ultimate mix
* try the ultimate product for varied media
Please stopover at the author's web site for added assets:
* renowned DV journal columnist Jay Rose makes it effortless to enhance your soundtrack
* contains "cookbook recipes"--step-by-step recommendations for universal audio processing operations
* One-hour audio CD comprises platform-independent diagnostics, demonstrations, and educational tracks to load into your NLE

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My first audio post suite was a shelf in the living room. It had three consumer tape decks, a PA system mixer, a graphic equalizer, and a homebrew patch bay. 1 This ragtag assembly should have sounded awful. But I’d engineered at three radio stations and spent a couple of years working in film sound, so I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve. Careful wiring and constant tweaking kept the equipment at its peak. This setup never sounded great. But it certainly sounded better than pro gear used wrong.

He could also move the client chairs a lot closer to the TV set. If he got better monitor speakers for his NLE, he wouldn’t overemphasize the bass. 3 Fighting Resonance: Build a Crooked Room If you do have a chance to specify the room’s shape, the best way to avoid problems is to make sure the walls aren’t parallel. Nonparallel walls spread the resonances out over a lot of frequencies instead of having them build up at just a few. Crooked rooms can sound better than rectangular ones. 3 When sound and video don’t come from the same direction, it makes lipsync problems seem a lot worse.

Walls don’t stop much if they have holes in them. Vibrating molecules can get through the tiniest holes. Any soundproofing technique will be useless if the wall isn’t also air-proof. I once had to soundproof an existing room because of a teletype machine next door. I decided to add mass by lining the walls with sheet lead,4 to be covered with standard wallboard. When the lead was almost completely up, I worried it was a bad choice: the teletype was still very audible. But as we closed those last few inches, the sound went completely away.

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