B Is for Beer. Tom Robbins by Tom Robbins, Robbins

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By Tom Robbins, Robbins

A Children's publication approximately Beer?

Yes, think it or not—but B Is for Beer can also be a booklet for adults, and keep in mind that it's the paintings of maverick bestselling novelist Tom Robbins, inter-nationally recognized for his skill to either heavily light up and comically entertain.

Once upon a time (right approximately now) there has been a planet (how approximately this one?) whose population ate up thirty-six billion gallons of beer every year (it's a truth, you could Google it). between these affected, each one in his or her personal method, by means of the entire bubbles, burps, and foam, was once a sensible, wide-eyed, adventurous kindergartner named Gracie; her distracted mommy; her insensitive dad; her non-conformist uncle; and a mystical, butt-kicking intruder from an international inside our world.

Populated by way of the aforementioned characters—and as fascinating because it can be subversive—B Is for Beer comprises readers, old and young, in a stunning, far-reaching research into the boundaries of fact, the transformative powers of youngsters, and, in fact, the final word which means of a tall, chilly brewski.

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