Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful by Daniel S. Hamermesh

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By Daniel S. Hamermesh

Most people comprehend there's a payoff to having a look sturdy, and within the quest for good looks we spend numerous hours and billions of bucks on own grooming, cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery. yet how far better off are the higher having a look? in response to the facts, rather a lot. the 1st ebook to significantly degree the benefits of good looks, Beauty Pays demonstrates how society favors the gorgeous and the way better-looking humans adventure startling yet indisputable merits in all elements of lifestyles. famous economist Daniel Hamermesh exhibits that the horny usually tend to be hired, paintings extra productively and profitably, obtain extra great pay, receive personal loan approvals, negotiate loans with greater phrases, and feature extra good-looking and hugely trained spouses. Hamermesh explains why this occurs and what it skill for the beautiful--and the not-so-beautiful--among us.

Exploring no matter if a common usual of good looks exists, Hamermesh illustrates how beautiful staff make more cash, how those quantities vary via gender, and the way seems are valued otherwise in response to career. He considers no matter if additional pay for handsome humans represents discrimination, and, if that is so, who's discriminating. Hamermesh investigates the commodification of attractiveness in courting and the way this affects the hunt for clever or high-earning pals, or even examines no matter if govt courses should still reduction the gruesome. He additionally discusses no matter if the commercial advantages of good looks will persist into the foreseeable destiny and what the "looks-challenged" can do to beat their disadvantage.

Reflecting on a delicate factor that touches everybody, Beauty Pays proves that beauty's rewards are whatever yet superficial.

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