Becoming A Pioneer Of Success: God's Plan to Help You Win in by Tracey Armstrong

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By Tracey Armstrong

Believers are inspired to keep on with the word-of-God, "for then you definitely will make your method filthy rich, after which you've strong success." Striving for achievement isn't a foul pursuit. yet what particularly issues is the way you receive good fortune and whose paradigm you utilize to accomplish it. changing into a Pioneer of good fortune is a how-to guide on the way to acquire rewards in a Godly style, by utilizing the entire assets which the Lord has left at our disposal. Don’t develop into a type of who spend an entire life mountain climbing the ladder of worldly good fortune, purely to discover it leaning opposed to the inaccurate wall. Are you trying to free up the main to best functionality? Then get the higher hand with God’s blueprint for achievement!

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He will not continually give wisdom to those who refuse to receive or walk in His wisdom. Wisdom in and of itself cannot create change because wisdom comes in the form of instruction. Heavenly wisdom is the same as any other instruction in that if the instructions are not followed, then the expected end will not come to pass. Please remember this point: The word of wisdom can work its miracle to change circumstances only if you obey what the Holy Sprit instructs you to do. Most of the gifts of the Holy Spirit work in conjunction with another gift.

God pours anointing oil on anything or anyone who He has separated for a special 43 B ECOMING A PI O N E E R OF Success purpose for Himself. The anointing oil poured on young David’s head, flowing down his face, was a confirmation to everyone who saw him that he was destined to be king. The anointing oil is a symbol of what God is planning to do with the person who is being anointed. When God makes His plan clear to someone and that person desires to fulfill that plan, God will make His plan happen by any means possible.

A NOINTED TO WIN A person who understands and receives his destiny will be a person who is very dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. The 42 YOUR SUCCESS COACH kingdom of darkness can do nothing against him, because the Holy Spirit is on the assignment. God gives us a little more information in Isaiah 10:26-27 about how this works: And the Lord of hosts will stir up a scourge for him like the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb; as His rod was on the sea, so will He lift it up in the manner of Egypt.

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