Before She Kills by Fredric Brown

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By Fredric Brown

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Mick ''Brew'' Axbrewder used to be a very good P. I. That was once sooner than he unintentionally shot and killed a cop-worse, a cop who occurred to be his personal brother. Now he simply works at times, as muscle for his outdated associate, Ginny Fistoulari. it is a dwelling. And it offers an occasional chance for him to dry out.

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Crawling on elbows and knees, a guy slowly inches ahead, making his manner via a cramped area and suffocating darkness. He does not recognize that somebody is staring at, and in a flash of sunshine, his trip is over. Now, fifty years later, small-town newspaper reporter Philip Dryden is on-site at a former international conflict II POW camp looking at an archeological dig.

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But it's the first thing I looked for when I came up here. ” “I thought of the bell box of your telephone. ” “No, Sergeant. But how would a tapped wire—” “Here's the idea. Holding gave it to me, in a way. He said you might have phoned from the booth at the station, right out in the hall. Except that the call came from here, that would have made sense. ” “This could have happened. You came here, driving fast from the roadhouse, killed Randall, and switched in the gimmick. You'd have everything ready, so you could do it in a minute.

We drove a few blocks without either of us saying anything, and it was then that I heard the voice: “Sibi Barranya killed Randall. ” I blinked and looked around at Barranya. He wasn't talking, unless he was a good ventriloquist. Not that it would have surprised me if he was, because these fake mystics dabble in all forms of trickery. But Barranya looked scared as hell. The car swerved a little, but righted itself as he swung the wheel back. We slowed up and he said, “Did you hear—” “Shut up,” I barked.

You should go home, Bill. This is our job, now that you've reported,” Holding pointed out. “Got to stay awake till I can see a dentist at nine. Having something to do will keep my mind off this damn toothache. Anyway, this is my big day, Cap. ” “I'll question Barranya now. ” “Swell. I'm even going to take the kitchen sink apart up there. ” — 43 — “Third's vacant. ” I asked. “Manufacturer. ” Holding saw the sudden look of interest I gave him, and went on. “Yes, he did a little business with Randall.

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