Biological Motion: Proceedings of a Workshop held in by Wolfgang Alt, Gerhard Hoffmann

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By Wolfgang Alt, Gerhard Hoffmann

" . . . habit isn't, what an organism does itself, yet to what we element. hence, even if one of those habit of an organism is enough as a undeniable configuration of events, is determined by the surroundings during which we de­ scribe it. " (Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela: El arbol del conocimiento, 1984) "A thorough research of habit needs to lead to a scheme, that exhibits all regularities which are to be came upon among the sensorical enter and the motorical output of an animal. This scheme is an summary illustration of the mind. " (Valentin Braitenberg: Gehirngespinste, 1973) throughout the 70ies, while Biomathematics (beyond Biomedical facts and Com­ puting) grew to become extra renowned at universities and examine institutes, the issues handled got here usually from the final fields of 'Population Biology' and 'Complex structures research' similar to epidemics, ecosystems research, morphogenesis, genetics, immunology and neurology (see the 1st sequence of Springer Lecture Notes in Biomathematics). considering then, the image has no longer significantly replaced, and apparently "a thorough research of habit" of unmarried organisms and, furthermore, in their mutual interactions, is much from being understood. to the contrary, mathematical modellers and analysts were good­ prompt to limit their investigations to express facets of 'biological behavior', one in all that is 'biological motion'. beforehand, just a couple of convention court cases or Lecture Notes have paid consciousness to this significant point, a number of the previous examples being Vol. 24: 'The dimension of organic form and form alterations' (1978) or Vol.

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A. F. (1986) Alignment of fibroblasts on grooved surfaces described by a simple geometric transformation. J. Cell Sci. U. (1983) Motility, cell shape, and locomotion of neutrophil granulocytes. , Naef A. and Zimmermann A. (1984) Effects of colchicine, Vinblastine and nocodazole on polarity, motility, chemotaxis and cAMP levels of human polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Exp. Cell Res. , Niggli v. and Zimmerman A. (1989) Diacylglycerols and PMA induce actin polymerization and distinct shape changes in lymphocytes: relation to fluid pinocytosis and locomotion.

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