Bleeder by Shelby Smoak

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By Shelby Smoak

I am Caucasian, 5 foot 11, have sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and am a young slip of bone. and i'm on the clinic.

A coming-of-age memoir for contemporary instances, Bleeder is the enormously compelling story of writer Shelby Smoak. A hemophiliac, Smoak came across he have been contaminated with HIV in the course of a blood transfusion firstly of his collage occupation. This devastating and destabilizing information led Smoak to work out his international from a wholly new point of view, one within which life-threatening disorder was once eternally simply round the nook. Set within the Nineties alongside the North Carolina coast, Bleeder traces Smoak’s quest for romance in an international that feels more and more risky, and regardless of a destiny that feels more and more doubtful. From the bed room to the working room, and from one health facility to the following, Smoak seeks out wish and higher well-being. Winner of a PEN American heart award for writers dwelling with HIV, Smoak, whose paintings has seemed in several journals and magazines, constructs this unforgettable tale of existence and love opposed to insurmountable problems in breathtaking, tightly drawn prose.

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Too accessible. The desk? No, though the pencil drawer has some promise. I squeeze the AZT bottle in my hands, its plastic unyielding in my tight clutch as I cast my eyes about the room for a safe hiding place. I spy my dresser, and I shove the AZT deep into a sock, it seeming safe for now. With my things unpacked and my secrets safely hidden, I rest beside the window at my desk and arrange my reference books—dictionary, thesaurus, word menu, guide to birds in America—before settling my view on the campus yard that is now wreathed in the soft pink of an evening sunset.

I have condoms underneath my bed,” Ana whispers into my ear. My mind tugs at me, but when Ana unrolls a condom along me, I let her. We become two bodies, one movement, and we press our desire as far as it will go. When the moment ends, Ana fills a glass of water at her sink, drinks deeply, and then offers it to me. I swallow, pause for a breath of air, and finish it off. It is cool and tastes like nothing, but is everything. Ana rests the glass on her floor and returns to bed where I slip an arm around her.

I watched as the first tails sparked. Still able to see their bodies in the dark purple light, I chased their glimmer through the fresh-cut grass and cupped their fragile bodies in my palms, watching my hands glow a strange red as the bug’s tail ignited. After I forced their flashing bodies into thick-glass Mason jars, Mom punched air holes through the lid, and when bedtime came I propped the jar on my dresser and watched their tails dance light across my room as crickets hymned songs outside my open window.

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