Bobby Fischer Pathetic Endgame by RENE CHUN

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Qb1. 1. Qd1†. 1. Qf7. 1. S4g3. Four solutions: 1. Qg3. 1. e × f3†. 1. Qb1†. 1. S×d6†. Two solutions: 1. Qd3†. 1. Qe6†. 1. S×e4. (corrected) 1. Bb2.

CuuuuuuuuC {WGKDNdBD} {DWhw0WDW} {NdWdwDWD} {DWdRdWdw} {wDwDkDPg} {dnDp)W4W} {WDWDW)PD} {DWDWDWdQ} vllllllllV Mate in 2 moves No. 31. —A good clean problem, well constructed. Idea rather commonplace. No. 32. —The opening is easy. The after-play quite novel and extra good, but in the mating positions the pieces are not used economically; though I apprehend it would be difficult to render the idea with much less force, preserving the character of the problem. I presume the object of the author in using the Black P was to prevent duals when Bh7.

I should have preferred g2 for the White KB, instead of h1; otherwise construction is perfect. No. 28. —The peculiar relation of the Black King and Rook to the White Pawn and Queen (or B) which exists here is found in no less than three other problems in this Tourney (Nos. 1, 3 and 8). One of my earliest efforts was a duplication of this feature. The version before us, however, contains more than this. The key move is modest, but good. The variations created by the Black Pe7 are very fine. The construction is somewhat loose.

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