Bone Harvest by Mary Logue

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By Mary Logue

The unsolved murders at a distant Wisconsin farmhouse part a century in the past have receded into time. yet one deranged guy will do something to ensure that all of Pepin County recollects that bloody day. whilst a volume of risky insecticides is stolen from the neighborhood co-op, Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins is named in to enquire. The thief has left one strange clue: the finger bone of a kid lengthy useless. to be had purely in secret four.

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It was a way of holding on to the world. The world was out of balance. It had been so for nearly fifty years. Only he could see it. Only he could change it. He had lived with this knowledge most of his life. It was time to rectify it. He walked down the hill and into the shade of an old oak. He stopped for a few moments to catch his breath and to cool off. The day was a hot one. But he didn’t relinquish his burden. He couldn’t put it down until he got to where he would store it. It was the way it had to be.

Caridon is most dangerous when inhaled. ” “Caridon causes cholinesterase inhibition. Parazone causes mucosal damage. Again, more simply: Caridon will knock you out; Parazone will cause you great pain. ” “Only once in all my years of work here have I known anyone to run into trouble with one of these products. A young boy was working with his father and stayed in the field too long after it had been sprayed. ” Her head came up. ” Reluctantly, Charles gave her the farmer’s name: Hal Swenson. He couldn’t think of any good reason not to.

Sorenson kept his eyes on the road. The cooperative building was coming right up. He was wondering who was working today. He tried not to think about Ray, his seventeen-year-old son. He had been getting in trouble lately. What made Sorenson nervous was that he didn’t know where the kid had been last night. He hoped Ray was just hanging out with his friends. Although that could be what was getting him in trouble—his friends. He wanted to talk to his son before he accused him of anything. The truck bumped over the ruts in the dirt parking lot.

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