Book of Chess Strategy by Edward Lasker

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By Edward Lasker

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Kt-QB3 4. Kt-B3 P-K3 P-QB4 Kt-QB3! Now Black threatens QPxP with an attack on White's Queen's Pawn. If White plays P-K3 we get the position mentioned in connection with Diagram 35. If he wishes to bring out his QB first, he must anticipate Black's threat by BPxP. After 5. BPxP KPxP the third of the typical main positions in the Queen's gambit ensues, and is given in Diagram 39. Two continuations must now be considered. White can either develop his KB at Kt2, and concentrate on the Black QP, which is somewhat weak, or he can place the KB on one of the available squares between B1 and R6.

20 The best plan for Black is to decline the doubtful gift of the pawn and to bring about one of the positions, as sketched above, in which, by playing P-Q4 early in the game, Black is sure of the free development of all his forces. Black is able to play P-Q4 early in all such openings, where White does not force the defensive move P-Q3 by attacking Black's King's Pawn. For instance, in the King's gambit, since the move 2. P-KB4 does not threaten PxP, Black can reply at once by 2. P-Q4 (Falkbeer Counter Gambit).

It is only possible to mate on a corner square commanded by the Bishop, as the following argument shows clearly. A mating position in the corner which the Bishop does not command would have to be of the type set out in Diagram 42. Here the Bishop plays on White squares, and the Knight in order to checkmate must move on to a White square; in other words, he must come from a Black one. Therefore, when the Bishop checked on the previous move and drove the King away, the King had the option of two black squares, and had no need to go into the corner one.

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