Book of Mirrors Sefer Mar'Ot Ha-Zove'Ot (Brown Judaic by he-H?asid David ben Judah

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By he-H?asid David ben Judah

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Those who insist, for example, that the husband must have authority over his wife that the husband is the "head" of the family often use select biblical texts to "prove" that God ordained this social arrangement. Other examples of traditional action may be seen in many religious people's opposition to homosexual behaviour, abortion, birth control, and extra-marital sex. Preference is given to long-established codes embedded in religious history over the recent changes in gender roles and sexual behaviour.

It allows for the tensions that arise when old meanings are confronted with new interpretations, when modern rational thought clashes with traditional values and beliefs, when old priests struggle against new prophets. The tensions between individuals and the collectivity, between older and newer religious perspectives, and between religious and secular institutions are sources of energy that propel social change. Charisma and the Routinization of Charisma It is in the context of religion being a source of social change that another set of Weberian concepts will be used in a central way in this text: charisma and the routinization of charisma (Weber 1978:11111148).

Charismatic leaders appeal to people's emotions and lead on the basis of personality. , television appeal) also enter the picture. The use of ideal types permits comparisons between and among different types of religious leaders as well as between and among different religions. The focus of this text is on American religions, but I will compare religious beliefs, practices, and organizations of American society with those in earlier eras as well as in other parts of the world. Even the United States and Canada provide excellent data for comparative purposes.

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