Brilliant and Instructive Endgames by Troitzky

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By Troitzky

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For the moment, however, the Black Bishop is very strong. From its excellent post at its KB3, it exercises pressure all along the diagonal, and particularly on White's key squares QRl, QN2, QB3. 24 . . dou­ bling Rooks in order to play the Rook to B6, B7, or B8, depending on the situation; ( b ) safety for his King; ( c) penetrating White's posi­ tion, which he does with 26 . . R-B6; ( d ) trying to find objects of attack; ( e ) the push of the QP. 25 P-N3 P-N3 In a struggle between heavy pieces, it is always a good policy to create escape squares for the King.

N-K5 is the first step toward taking the initia­ tive. 7 Q-B2 The best square for the Queen, partly because from this point the Queen is directed toward the cen­ ter, partly because it does not im­ pede the development of other White pieces, as would be the case if the Queen had gone to Q3. 7 ... 0-0? We have pointed out that Black's compensation for the Two Bishops is his advance in development. With his 6th move, Black tries to profit by this advance. But his 7th move does not continue in the same vein, and now the whole situation leads to nothing.

P-Q5 with PxP, which would not be possible if the Knight were unprotected. Without White's being able to play PxP, Black could probably obtain a p rotected passed Pawn, that is, a passed Pawn protected by an adja­ cent Pawn, and a very advanced one. However, White defends his Knight in the wrong way, as will be seen from the continuation. Preferable was 30 Q-K2 or 30 Q­ Q 1. Still better would have been Nimzo-Indian: 4 Q-B2, P-B4 Variation 30 N-Kl in order to answer 30 . . , throwing up a solid barricade against the further advance of the Black QP.

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