Buddhism: A Concise Introduction by Huston Smith, Philip Novak

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By Huston Smith, Philip Novak

A concise and up to date advisor to the background, teachings, and perform of Buddhism by means of luminaries within the box of global religions.

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It’s effortless to treat time as a commodity—we even communicate of “saving” or “spending” it. we regularly regard it as an enemy, once we believe it slipping away ahead of we’re prepared for time to be up. The Zen view of time is notably various than that: time isn't anything break free our lifestyles; really, our existence is time.

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How can I journey if I am hungry? ” “Master,” said Pilgrim, “please don’t get upset. No more words. I know that yours is a proud and haughty nature. A little offense and you will recite that little something spell! Dismount and rest awhile. ” With a bound, Pilgrim leaped up to the edge of the clouds. Using his hand to shade his eyes, he peered all around. Alas! The journey to the West was a lonely journey, one with neither villages nor hamlets. There were abundant trees and shrubbery, but there was no sign of human habitation.

He had led young fiends to make formations like ants, 38 : : t h e j o u r n e y t o t h e w e s t And old demons to rule with order like bees. ” He had made the moon his third friend as he sipped his wine;⁹ He had felt the wind grow beneath his arms as tea was poured. Look at his vast magic power! In the twinkling of an eye He could tour all the Heavens. In his wild woods screeched birds and fowls; In his dens slept dragons and snakes. Immortals tilled his fields to grow white jade; Daoists calmed his fire to raise cinnabar.

Father Great Sage,” they said, “we heard recently that you had regained your life so that you could protect the Tang Monk on his journey to the Western Heaven to acquire scriptures. Why are you not heading toward the West? ” “Little ones,” said the Great Sage, “you have no idea that the Tang Monk is wholly ignorant of who is worthy and who is foolish. For his sake, I caught fiends and overcame demons throughout the journey, using all my abilities. Several times I slew a monster, but, accusing me of doing evil and violence, he disowned me as his disciple and banished me back here.

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