Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins

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By Molly Ivins

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Bad timing. Harken was not Enron, but it was certainly Enron in the making. What Bush took out of Harken was also twenty times as much as Bill and Hillary Clinton lost in a crummy Arkansas real estate deal that cost American taxpayers seventy million dollars to investigate. By the time Bush signed the Corporate Responsibility Act, Harken was selling at forty-one cents a share. Don’t put your Social Security money in it. So who are the “regular folks” who have been affected here, and what have those effects been?

Our compassionately conservative president gave Tom DeLay the hit-away sign, and Julia Jeffcoat got clobbered. Jeffcoat is a buoyant woman, optimistic, full of nervous energy she burns up by talking a lot. It’s evident she’s not the hottest hire in the Philadelphia job market. 80 an hour. But she managed to patch together enough work to survive, until she lost her job as a security guard at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium. That was about the time the city’s unemployment rate hit 7 percent. You wouldn’t want Jeffcoat’s résumé any more than you would want her luck.

When you work events, it’s hard to get your forty hours, she said. None of the jobs she held ever provided quite enough money to support her daughter or the two sons born after she left Bryn Mawr. The children ended up living with their father. When her unemployment checks stopped, Jeffcoat was evicted from her one-bedroom apartment. She’s out of work, out of money, and out of luck. Her sixteen-year-old lives with friends. She lives with relatives. Jeffcoat works two days a week cleaning and stocking a small store for which she earns $60—under the table.

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