Calcium-Binding Proteins in the Human Developing Brain by N. Ulfig

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By N. Ulfig

"This booklet is basically written for neuroscientists who will consistently have an interest within the position of calcium within the inner neuronal surroundings. The ambitions are good met. The authors are credible gurus within the box and are the main acceptable to debate calcium in neuronal development...Through a number of very good caliber photographs, this booklet indicates facts of the capability roles of calcium within the modulation of improvement in addition to at the choice of programmed mobilephone demise. "  overview from Doody's Notes

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It is involved in synaptic vesicle fusion with terminal membrane of the axon and subsequent release of the neurotransmitter. In serially adjacent immunopreparations from brains ranging in age from 21 to 25 weeks of gestation, the distribution of CB- and synaptophysin-ir structures has been compared (Fig. 14). In CB immunosections, the patches stand out clearly due to their intense diffuse (neuropil) immunolabeling; the matrix only contains ir perikarya and their dendritic trees. In serially adjoining synaptophysin immunosections, the patches exhibit prominent diffuse labeling.

On the whole, the nonpyramidal CB- and CR-ir nerve cells closely resemble the class II and III neurons described by Braak and Braak (1983) in the adult human brain. Such a correlation between CB- and CR-ir nerve cells in the adult amygdala and those of class II and III neurons has also been demonstrated by Pitklinen and Amaral (1993) and Sorvari et al. (1996a, b). Most probably, the CB- and CR-ir nonpyramidal cells represent local-circuit neurons, corresponding to cortical stellate neurons. Double-Iabelings could show only a very rare coexpression of CB and CR in the human fetal amygdala.

When comparing the CR immunosections of the 5th gestational month with those of the 8th month, it is obvious that the basolateral nuclei of the 5th month contain a distinctly higher number of CR-ir nerve cells than the corticomedial nuclei. In the 8th month, however, the corticomedial nuclei also contain a high number of CR-ir neurons. This finding may be related to the process of migration. In the 5th month, neurons migrating through the basolateral nuclei have not yet reached the corticomedial nuclei.

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