Capablanca's Best Chess Endings: 60 Complete Games by Irving Chernev

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By Irving Chernev

I selected this quantity for an uncomplicated library the place I trainer chess. scholars could have a few hassle, yet Capablanca is a wizard and his notation is well via scholars who're versed in algebraic notation.

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Ne5-c4! 13 Bfl-e2 23 What centralization! Capablanca explains that 13 92-g3 ... Page 24 ... Game 7 ... Oh$-h2+ 40 Kgl-fl 41 42 43 44 Kfl-e2 KeZ-dl Qh2-hl+ Ohlxg2+ Ng4-f2+ KdltZ Qg2-g6+ Kc2-cl QgG-gl+ 45 Ucl-c2 KcZ-el Qgl-g6+ 39 Much better than 24 . . d5xc4 25 Qb3-c2, and White has equalized. This assures Black of a draw at least, by perpetual check. 46 Carefully avoiding 28 Kh2-hl, when 28 Be6-h3 29 Bc4-ft Ne4-f2+ 30 Khl-g1 Nf2-g4 forces mate. . ' 47 Kcl-bl f7xe6 48 Q d 2 - ~ 2 Of course not 48 Na4x b6 Qg6-gl + winning the Knight.

If 53 Na4-b2 h3-h2 54 Qc2xh2 Oe4-el+ 55 K b l -a2 (if55 Nb2-dl, Q e l x d l + 56 Kbl+a2Qdl-b3+ 57 Ka2-a1 Nd3-el wins for 8lack) 55 . . N d 3 - c l i 56 Ka2-bl Ncl-b3+ 57 Kbl-c2 Qel - c l i s mate. Or i f 53 Na4-c3 h3-h2! 54 Nc3xe4 (on 54 Qc2xh2 Qe4-e 1+ wins the Knight) 54 . . h2-hl (Ql+ 55 Kbl+a2Qhlxe4, and if 56 b6-b7 Nd3-b4+ wins the Queen and then the King. 53 Bc7xe5 Oe4-el+ Janowsky was so intent on this check (the key-move in the two previous variations) that he checks at the wrong square.

The broad pattern of this game is that White first draws Black's King and Rook over to defend the Queen side; Black's King side i s then less welldefended; so White switches his attack to the King side; in trying to defend himself there too, Black becomes disorganized; White finishes with a two-pronged attack on both wings. ' GAME 14 Ir'Jhite J. R. Capablanca Black F. P. Beynon New York, 1913 Sicilian Defence Capablanca handles the opening in thoroughly modern style, and keeps his opponent busy warding off threats on both sides of the board.

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