Cat Chaser by Adam Maxwell

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By Adam Maxwell

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Clint? ” said Agatha. ” “Y- than we thought - black - orange - cat. ” “You’re breaking up,” I said, stabbed the disconnect key and hung up on her. ” She nodded. ” She nodded again. Š Especially a bloody dead one. Š A dead cat! ” said Jacob. ” I spun around to shout at the two of them again and Š ~*~ Chapter 5 Š I woke to what was becoming a much more familiar sight; the wall with the Employee of the Month certificate on it and the still disconcertingŠknock-hissnoise coming up behind me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and turned around to see Ray the caretaker looming with a mug in his hands.

It hurt. A lot. So I was awake at least. The memory of the tiger felt real enough. I took the claw out of my pocket. The tiger’s claw. It looked like how I would imagine a tiger’s claw to look. Although that didn’t prove much because when I first saw it I was convinced it looked like how a dinosaur’s claw would look, but still… This was it. The task at hand. The cat. The bloody ‘cat’. And how to catch it, I suppose. ” I shouted to no-one in particular. I looked around again, half expecting the tiger to answer or at least jump out but instead there was a slightly more familiar although no less unexpected sound.

Erin didn’t look up, just raised her right hand and wafted it away from her then pointed to the door again. Š He immediately unfolded it and took it to Erin who had finally manage to drag herself into an upright position. Š She may have been an expert at moving around in heels that high but, frankly, I was not and the last thing we needed right now was to injure her further. ŠErin stalked into the store room shaking her head at our antics and somehow found a blanket to wrap Lori in. ” Lori was sobbing, hiding her head in the blanket as Erin fussed around her.

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